We develop projects with communities, sports clubs, businesses, events and individuals. We try to think as innovatively as possible and aim to win grants and sponsorship to fund our ideas.

Our key project idea proposes a new friendly way to collect and dispose of food waste which will reduce the number of waste Lorries driving down our high streets and will reduce carbon emissions. It is so original we think we may be the first in the UK to try this!

Lake of Stars

Big Green Feet were appointed as Sustainability Manager to Africa’s leading music festival, the Lake of Stars festival in Malawi. MD Steve Taylor led a programme of environmental, community and economic measures including a scheme to convert the used wooden staging into desks for the local orphan school, donating all food waste to a composting project, organising a football tournament for festival stars to play against local villagers and setting up an off-site village for local traders to sell food and souvenirs to festival goers.




Glasgow Collective

Big Green feet are delighted to be working with the Glasgow Collective to develop a cycle led food waste project. Developing the recycling bike idea from Giffnock, we have received Climate Challenge Development funding to work with companies in the Glasgow Collective in the east end of Glasgow.

Auchenback Active

We have been asked to provide independent evaluation and carbon calculations for the Auchenback Active climate challenge project. This involves making the Auchenback Resource Centre more energy efficient, working with local residents to reduce energy bills and creating food miles and food waste awareness projects in the area.

Energy Efficiency Project


It’s tough times for Sports Clubs these days and many are looking at ways to reduce their running costs. We spoke to Clydesdale Cricket Club in Glasgow and discussed how much it costs to run their clubhouse. With costs spiralling and bar profits down, they were looking to reduce costs. Our advice and funding support has helped the both reduce costs and have a significantly positive impact on their CO2 emissions. We have won financial support from E.ON Energy Action Fund and have helped the club replace every light bulb with a low energy LED bulb, introduce PIR switches to reduce wasted lighting and installed insulation in the loft and other areas. The improvements have been complemented by our ideas to introduce can recycling, bicycle facilities and public transport information to help make the club Scotland’s first Green cricket club.



Giffnock Recycling Bike

Big Green Feet’s Giffnock Recycling Bike & Food Waste Reduction project aims to collect food waste from businesses within the Giffnock Community on a regular basis. It is all part of Scotland’s Climate Change initiative for communities.

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Glasgow Green Maze


We are managing a green maze project which will run on Glasgow’s George Square in April 2015. This will form part of the City’s Year of Green programme and will highlight many of the sustainability initiatives that the city can rightly be proud of. For anyone entering the maze there will be the novelty of generating renewable clean energy simply by walking – the start of the maze will feature Pavegen energy generating pavement tiles. The more you walk, the more energy you can generate – and we’re even bringing in dancing groups to really highlight how much can be generated if you work at it! The maze will be a fun event for all the family and the structure will be supported by information and promotional material for Glasgow’s green ventures.

The Recycling Bike


If you don’t like those noisy, smelly bin lorries then we have a better way of transporting waste. We replace lorries – that sometimes do as little as 6mpg – with pedal power. We believe we’re the first organisation in Scotland to move waste through using specially customised cargo bikes, with cyclists providing a CO2 free way of moving waste – and think of the savings in fuel costs! Our bikes are particularly successful where lorries might conflict with people and we are expecting to see waste moved by our bikes at several music festivals and events this year. The bikes don’t carry as much waste as a lorry, but they improve recycling rates by keeping recyclates separate, and even if we have to make more journeys than a lorry, you don’t need to refuel us and pay those horrific petrol pump prices.

Our key project idea proposes a new friendly way to collect and dispose of food waste which will reduce the number of waste Lorries driving down our high streets and will reduce carbon emissions. It is so original we think we may be the first in the UK to try this!

We will use the recycling bike, a three wheeler cargo bike, which will be pedaled by a group of community volunteers to collect the food waste from restaurants, take away and food shops in Giffnock, and cycle it to a digester where it will be turned into compost. The compost will be donated to the local park, allotments or local gardeners.

You may have seen this bike at Festival 2014 where we first tried it out. It carries smaller loads than lorries, but there are only small quantities to be removed. So instead of waste lorries, which generally do around 6mpg, driving around a quarter full, we will cycle the waste to the digester, pollution free, and without clogging up the traffic.

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